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At Envista Mindmap / biofie , we strive every day to help people find better work, thereby giving them a better life. We are a people-centric organization and our ability to create genuine, long-lasting relationships with those we meet is one of the reasons why we are successful.

We are always on the look-out for talented and keen people to join our team. Whether it is in service delivery, sales, management or administration, all our positions have excellent career and development prospects and career progression opportunities.

Whether you are stepping into the corporate world, making a career change or are looking for a more flexible career option to allow greater balance with other priorities, Envista Mindmap can help you with myriad options and opportunities.

Do you want to be part of our team?

We, at Envista have the reputation of providing excellent training and development to our employees and we are committed to ensuring that our employees are provided with continuous learning experience regardless of their level or position in the organization.

We are dedicated to identifying, retaining and developing the best talent across the country.

If you consider yourself to be an innovative and enthusiastic person who can embody our leadership principles of having a cool head, warm heart and working hands to help people achieve more;

Let us get to know you better!

Apply Now, and depending on requirement our HR team will get in touch with you.
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