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The Campus Selection Process is an integral part of most Institutions/Colleges. It is a process, which facilitates placement of enrolled students. The Institutions/Colleges are regularly trying to improve the process by getting more quality companies with better pay packages on board in a bid to re-affirm their quality nurturing of students. Registering with will enable Institutions/Colleges to reach out to more Companies in a limited time-frame and ensure the best possible placement for enrolled students.
Key Features :
The Institution/College interested in the campus selection process needs to register students and submit the details of the students as required by The registered students need to complete the biofie profile (verified factsheet, skills video and video performance of GE/PI) within a stipulated time.

Once the Institution/College has the biofie profile of the candidates applying for Campus Selection process, it can view: the Campus Jobs and the details of the Company/Employer which have shortlisted students at : The Institution/College can further request the Company/Employer for dates to conduct the final round of the Campus Selection process.

In case the College/Institution is interested for a Campus Selection Process with an unregistered Company/Employer in the biofie database , approaches and forwards the request to the concerned company in the offline mode.
Services :
1. The first step of the registration process is FREE. This consists of uploading the College/Institution, program/course details, total students and students interested in Campus Selection process.

2. The Institution/College needs to make payment on behalf of the students opting for Campus Selection Process. The payment details are available in the tariff plan.

3. Other services available to the Institution/Colleges include :

Search Campus Jobs.
Invite Companies.
Schedule Second Round Interviews.
Book Relationship Manager.
Generate Access Code.
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