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Organizations are as good as their teams and building the best team with people who share a common vision is the need of the hour biofie aims to assist the Company/Employer to build the best team in the most convenient, cost-effective manner in the minimal time frame. The platform was designed to provide both the employer and the jobseeker/candidate the opportunity to detail their capabilities and requirements with real-time information so as to ensure the BEST FIT.
Key Features
1. The Company/Employer can map the complete personality of the Jobseeker/Candidate with a biofie, as the biofie of every Jobseeker/Candidate contains the verified factsheet, skills video and video performance of Group Exercise and Personal Interview.

2. When a recruiter logs into, and makes a job posting, each job posting automatically generates matching profiles of candidates suited with respect to the job posting.

3. The availability of biofie database of Jobseeker/Candidate from diverse Industries and geography along with the provision of 50+ search parameters available with the recruiter, locating the BEST FIT becomes much easier.

4. The advisory with respect to search parameters also keeps the organization abreast with the dynamics of the applicants leading to a more relevant and informed offering from the organization to the candidate.

5. The online CONNECT modules also ensure better communication channels with the shortlisted candidates.
1. The first step of the registration process is FREE. This consists of uploading the company/employer details.

2. Companies can post their Job requirements in a detailed manner and this JOB POSTING is free.

3. Other Unique services available to the company/employer are :

Instant Alert – notifies suitable candidates and job application.
Search Database.
Relationship Manager.
Scheduling a Campus Selection Process.
Candidate CONNECT services.
Desired Job expectations.
Skills Video- Highlighting his skills as per the applied job.
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