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With the online recruitment platform gaining prominence in India, there are multiple opportunities available for job seeker/candidates across industries and geographies with varied designations and experience. A makeover of an existing candidate profile at will result in providing greater job opportunities to the job seeker/candidates.
Key Features :
A one-time, detailed application is filled in by the job seeker/candidate. The software guides the application process to ensure that complete details of the job seeker/candidate are captured.

The job seeker/candidate is required to upload a Skills Video(optional) manifesting his proficiency and talent that cannot be digitally captured.

The job seeker/candidate is required to attend only one Group Exercise and Personal Interview session at the location pre-decided by the job seeker/candidate.

Once the above process is complete at the application automatically gets processed on a real time basis highlighting suitable jobs as per the job seeker/candidate’s profile.

The job database provides the candidate with innumerable job choices depending on his ability, job posting and market requirements.

The candidate is relieved of locating an appropriate job posting and repeatedly submitting the application form and appearing for multiple interviews for different job openings.

Services for the Job Seeker / Candidate :
1 The first step of the registration process is FREE. This consists of uploading the job seeker/candidate FACTSHEET (complete Personal & Professional details) and the Skills Video.

2 The jobseeker/candidate needs to activate the account by paying the required annual subscription fee. Please Register to know the TARIFF plan.

3 After the activation of biofie account the jobseeker/candidate needs to appear for a Group Exercise and Personal Interview Session at designated locations across India to complete the biofie profile.

4 Other Unique services available to the jobseeker/candidate are :
Job Search – automated profile match

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