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The 'biofie' derives its name and inherits some of its characteristics from a bio-data(biographical data) and sel-fie (self-portrait photograph).

The representation of the 'biofie' logo is created using symbols to encapsulate the purpose and objectives of the services it aims to offer.

Everyone admires beauty and its unique balance in nature. This balance and perception of beauty has been attributed to the Divine Proportion that gives certain things their exquisiteness.

The Divine Proportion presents itself in the very physical nature of Creation. It is the harmony and glue that holds the unity of the universe. ‘biofie’ has been conceptualized to balance the projection of self(jobseeker/candidate) with typical expectation from the others (Employers) in order to build and foster a symbiotic relationship.

The logo embodies the principles of Divine Proportion where the ratio of its base to its height is 1.61.
The presence of circles in the letters b, o and partly in f, e represent the infinite nature of energy, and the inclusivity of the universe. This alludes to the fact that the more comprehensive and holistic is the profile representation of the candidate, the greater is the element of positivity surrounding the process of recruitment and selection.
The Thick vertical lines which are a part of the letters: b, i, f ; suggest strength and stability. They are also filled with potential energy, which can be used to energise the nearby elements. A candidate possessing a ‘biofie’ profile is sure to create a meaningful impact.
The red squares completing the letter i at two places symbolizes manifestation of ideas into reality
In the meaning of colors, blue relates to one-to-one communication, especially communication using the voice - speaking the truth through verbal self-expression which is in sync with what ‘biofie’ seeks to deliver both to the jobseeker and the employer participating in the recruitment and selection process.
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